Ithaka Housing Options

We currently offer two types of Transitional Housing with Ithaka: Low-Barrier Transitional Housing (for individuals) and Service-Enhanced Transitional Housing (for families). Please review the information below regarding our programs. We have a 30-day rolling application: you must call in every 30 days in order to stay on our wait list. Our goal in working with applicants is to find the right housing program fit for you. If you have any questions about our housing, please call our office at (719) 578-1629.

Service-Enhanced Transitional Housing:
♦Ithaka serves families in single family and multi-family homes.
♦Transitional housing provided for a period of one to three years as families work to overcome their individual barriers to secure housing outside of Ithaka.
♦Regular meetings with the Transitional Specialist to create goals and action steps and progress toward the goal of acquiring stable housing outside of Ithaka.
♦In order for your application to be approved, you must meet a very low minimum income from employment. Please call Ithaka to learn what that minimum is for your family size.
♦Acceptance into the transitional housing program is made according to need and application date; placement also dependent upon unit openings and family size.
♦Wait list can vary depending on the family's situation and available housing at Ithaka.
♦Pets allowed on a case-by-case basis only and require an additional deposit and monthly pet fees.
♦Transitional Program fees are 30% of the family’s gross monthly household income; utilities & trash paid separately.
♦Applicants must disclose any prior criminal history, and we do work with those with criminal backgrounds.

Low-Barrier Transitional Housing:

Single men and women, including the LGBTQ community; no couples, children, or pets. There are separate homes for men and women, as individuals identify.
Cost for a private room and shared utilities is $400/mo; residents required to obtain employment within 60 days of entering program.
♦Optional transitional work program.
♦Group home living with responsibilities such as cleaning, and participating in the relational community. 
♦Residents meet with Transitional Specialist bi-weekly for the program duration of 6 – 18 months.
♦Wait list can vary from weeks to months; must call every 30 days to stay on our wait list.
♦Serving those desiring a sober-living home; those struggling with mental illness; individuals on parole or probation; people fleeing domestic violence or abuse; and those living in emergency shelters, in their cars, or on the street.
♦Applicants must disclose any prior criminal history, and we do work with those with criminal backgrounds.