Ithaka Land Trust

Ithaka Housing Options

We currently offer two types of housing with Ithaka: transitional and permanent affordable. Please review the information below regarding our placements. Please also note that we have a 30-day rolling application: you must call in every 30 days in order to stay on our wait list. Our goal in working with applicants is to find the right housing program fit for you. If you have any questions about our housing, please call our office at (719) 578-1629.

Permanent Affordable Rentals:

♦ 19 housing units, ranging from studio and one bedroom apartments to single family homes

♦  Placements in housing made according to need and application date

♦  Wait list can vary but tends to be between 18 months and 3 years

♦ Pets allowed on a case-by-case basis only

♦ Goal is to house those making between 15% and 50% of the area median income (defined as very low income levels)

♦ Rental rates will be based on household income combined with HUD limits and Ithaka minimums

♦ Applicants must disclose any past criminal history

Transitional Housing:

♦  Single men and women; we also serve LGBT community; no couples, children, or pets

♦ Cost for room, utilities, and food is $350/mo; residents required to obtain employment within 60 days of entering program

♦ Group home living with responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and contributing to the household

♦ Usually a duration of 6 – 18 months

♦ Wait list can vary from weeks to months; must call every 30 days to stay on our wait list

♦ Serving those on parole or probation; those wanting to maintaining sobriety; people fleeing  domestic violence or abuse; those struggling with finding permanent housing

♦ Applicants must disclose any past criminal history